Five Random Facts for Wednesday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  Electric Light Orchestra has the record for the most Top 40 hits without a number one.  They had 20 songs make the Billboard Top 40, and no number one.  Their highest-ranked song was “Don’t Bring Me Down”, which hit number four in 1979.


2.  The car company Jaguar was originally called S.S. Cars Limited.  But they changed the name in 1945 to make it clear they weren’t connected to the Nazis.


3.  Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson were supposed to record an entire album of duets together in 1983, but Freddie bailed because Michael kept bringing his llama into the studio.


4.  The Jamaican bobsled team from the 1994 Winter Olympics finished in 14th place, which was one spot ahead of the U.S.  But that’s not the team that was depicted in the movie “Cool Runnings”, that was loosely based on the 1988 Olympics, where Jamaica crashed in their qualifying run and failed to finish.


5.  Lighters were invented in 1823, three years before matches.     


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