Five Random Facts for Tuesday

Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  There’s a phenomenon called the “Ikea Effect” . . . where you feel better about buying something if you have to put it together.



2.  Virginia is the biggest state, population-wise, that doesn’t have a pro sports team.



3.  JFK’s brain is missing.  It was stored in the National Archives after his assassination, but disappeared three years later and has been gone ever since.



4.  New York City could’ve had seven boroughs instead of five, but the people in Yonkers and Mount Vernon voted against merging with the city in 1898.



5.  Dumbo the elephant was going to be “Time” magazine’s Man of the Year in 1941, because the movie was so popular.  But then Pearl Harbor happened in December, the U.S. entered World War Two, and they decided to go with FDR



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