Five Random Facts For Tuesday

Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  The correct way to eat caviar is by putting it on the back of your hand, between your index finger and thumb.  You’re not supposed to use a spoon.



2.  Cookie Monster’s real first name is “Sid.”  It was revealed in an episode of “Sesame Street” in 2004.



3.  In Greece, Portugal, Spain, and most Latin American countries, kids are taught there are only six continents on Earth . . . North and South America are combined into one continent called “The Americas.”



4.  There are six NCAA sports where you either get a full scholarship or nothing . . . they aren’t allowed to give partial scholarships:  Football, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s gymnastics, women’s volleyball, and women’s tennis.



5.  You’re legally allowed to mail a live pheasant through the U.S. mail . . . but only between April and August.



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