Five Random Facts for Thursday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  Abraham Lincoln considered joining the Donner Party to go to California on the Oregon Trail, but stayed in Illinois because he’d just had a child and his political career was getting going.  The Donner Party famously got stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains and turned to cannibalism.


2.  Approximately 101 billion human beings have died in the history of the world.


3.  The phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” is based on a real family with the last name Jones.  They built a huge mansion in Rhinebeck, New York in the mid 1800s, and other rich families in the area remodeled their homes to try to match them.


4.  Walt Disney has the record for winning the most Oscars total, with 22, AND the record for most in one year, when he won four in 1953.  Some people believe Bong Joon-ho tied Walt’s one-year record earlier this year with his film “Parasite”, but he was only credited with three Oscar wins, Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.  The movie also won Best International Feature, but the Oscar is credited to the country that submitted the film, which is South Korea.


5.  There are only 44 aircraft carriers active around the world right now.  They belong to 14 different navies. 


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