Five Random Facts For Thursday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  Most kangaroos are left handed.


2.  There’s a word to describe half a decade, or five years, it’s called a lustrum.


3.  The Beatles mention a walrus in THREE of their songs:  “Glass Onion”“Come Together”, and, of course, “I Am the Walrus”.  They sure liked walruses?


4.  The most abused Social Security number ever is 078-05-1120.  It’s been used in fraud by at least 40,000 different people.  It belonged to a woman named Hilda Whitcher, who was a secretary at a wallet company.  In 1938, Social Security cards were new, and Hilda’s boss wanted people to see how they looked in a wallet.  So every one of their wallets came with a sample Social Security card inside, with Hilda’s number on it.


5.  Tetanus isn’t caused by the rust on rusty nails, the rust just provides a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that causes tetanus.


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