Five Random Facts for the Weekend

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  There are two U.S. presidents with the middle initial “S”, Harry S. Truman and  Ulysses S. Grant, and in both cases, the “S” didn’t actually stand for anything.

2.  Before the 1900s, men wore corsets.  They were popular for hunting and exercise, kind of like how weight lifters wear belts today.

3.  There are still 18 U.S. states where it’s legal for teachers to use corporal punishment on students, in other words, where teachers can legally HIT students.  Four of those states DO prohibit physical punishment “for students with disabilities,” so that’s nice.

4.  Frankenstein is the name of the doctor who creates the monster, not the monster itself.

5.  India has a larger population than every country in the Western Hemisphere combined.


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