Five Random Facts For Monday April 2nd

Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  Platypuses don’t nurse their babies like other mammals.  Instead, they concentrate their milk in their stomach and then sweat it out.



2.  When Mr. Potato Head first came out in 1952, it was just the body parts on sharp spikes . . . you had to provide your OWN potato.  It didn’t include the plastic potato until the 1970s.



3.  The beer that gets the worst overall rating in the world is . . . Natural Light.  Natural Ice is the second-worst.



4.  Richard Gere’s middle name is . . . Tiffany.  That’s his mother’s maiden name.



5.  The average person burns about 0.19 calories a minute when they’re laughing a lot.  That comes out to about 17 calories during a standard 90-minute comedy movie!



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