Five Random Facts For Monday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  Pez dispensers were designed to look like cigarette lighters, because they were supposed to encourage people to stop smoking and have a mint instead.


2.  The name Imogen is most likely a typo.  Historians believe Shakespeare was trying to write about a legendary British queen named Innogen in his play “Cymbeline”, but it was printed as “Imogen”, and that stuck.


3.  The first in-flight movie was called “Howdy Chicago!”, and it was shown in a plane in 1921.


4.  Almost all mammals, including humans, pee for the same amount of time, an average of 21 seconds.  Different species all have different sized bladders, but compensate for it with their “flow.”


5.  When the Beatles were making “Abbey Road”, they originally planned on calling it “Everest”.  But they decided they didn’t want to fly over Mt. Everest to take a cover photo, it was easier to just walk outside and take a photo on Abbey Road.


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