Five Random Facts For Friday

 Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  George Washington died in 1799, and the first dinosaur fossil was found in 1824 . . . which means Washington never knew dinosaurs existed.  But if you think about it, dinosaurs also never knew George Washington existed either.



2.  The last year without a plane crash somewhere in the world that killed at least 50 people was 1954.  There have already been five this year.



3.  American cheese was invented by a Canadian guy.  James Kraft was born in Canada in 1874, moved to Chicago in 1903, and created American cheese in 1916.



4.  Iowa has the fewest official state items, like state bird, state flower, or state drink . . . they’ve only got eight.  Massachusetts has the most . . . they’ve got 44.



5.  WWE WrestleMania was almost called the Colossal Tussle.  That was the name Vince McMahon came up with back in 1985.         



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