Five Random Facts for Friday

Here are some random facts for you.


1.  Almost 99.9% of the mass in our solar system is the sun.


2.  There are 28 fireplaces in the White House.


3.  There have only been two First Ladies born outside of the U.S.  John Quincy Adams’ wife, Louisa Adams was born in England, and Melania Trump was born in Yugoslavia.


4.  AIDS was originally called GRID, which stood for gay-related immunodeficiency.  The CDC realized that term was wrong since heterosexual people were getting it too, and they changed the name to AIDS in September of 1982.


5.  “Playboy” didn’t have a black Playmate of the Month in its first decade.  A black woman named Jennifer Jackson broke the Playmate race barrier in March of 1965, which was more than 11 years after “Playboy” started. 


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