Eye-Roll of the Day: Madonna Says She Predicted the State of the World in 2017

Regardless of your political leanings we can ALL agree on one thing:  No one wants to be lectured by Madonna on the state of the world.


“Entertainment Weekly” asked her about a video that plays at the start of her shows, which includes the message,  “When those fascist dictators posing as righteous men come for you, be prepared to fight for what you believe in.”


She recorded it in 2015, but the magazine said that it feels ‘timely’ now.  And they asked her if she was surprised by the mess that a lot of the world is in now.


Naturally, Madonna ate that up.  She said,  “I’m not surprised at all.  I was already witnessing it on the previous tour:  The winds were changing, and people were becoming more and more fearful and marginalized.  We were going backwards on a lot of the progress that we’ve made, [and] of course I’m saying I predicted it.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  People just want to hear good news, or they want to be distracted.  So yes, I did feel like I was warning people.”