E-Sports Are Now More Popular with Teenage Boys Than Real Sports

Did your kids watch any football yesterday?  Or are they like, “Nah, sports are dumb”?  According to this, it’s probably the latter: A new poll found that e-sports teams, meaning people who play videos games you can watch, are now more popular with teenage boys than REAL sports teams.  (They didn’t release stats for teenage girls.)

The Lakers are the most popular real sports team for boys aged 13 and 17.  Around 19% say they’re a fan.  The Golden State Warriors are next at 17%, then the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bulls at 10%, and the Patriots and Yankees at 8%.

The most popular e-sports team is called FaZe Clan.  (Pronounced “faze”)  They play everything from “FIFA” to “Call of Duty”.  And they’re now more popular than ANY of those real sports teams, 22% of teenage boys root for them.

Two other e-sports teams also ranked higher than the Bulls, Yankees, and Patriots, one called 100 Thieves, and another called NRG Esports.