Dollar Tree Is About to Become Dollar-and-a-Quarter Tree

A few months ago, Dollar Tree announced they were “testing” higher prices in “some” locations across the country.  Well, the test results are in, and apparently EVERYONE LOVED IT.  Or at least the company did.  Dollar Tree is unofficially becoming DOLLAR-AND-A-QUARTER TREE.

They’ve just announced that they’re raising prices 25% by early 2022, and pretty much everything will cost $1.25.

They insist this ISN’T a reaction to “short-term or transitory market conditions”, a.k.a. inflation, instead, they say it’s to offset wage increases, and to allow them to carry “customer favorites,” which now cost more.  (???)

This isn’t shocking though.  Dollar Tree was one of the last remaining true dollar stores.  They sold products at $1 for 35 years.  In fact, they were called “Only $1.00,” before changing the name to Dollar Tree in 1993.

There are no plans to change the name, although they’ve begun promoting a new section in many locations called “Dollar Store Plus,” which has stuff priced in the $3.00 to $5.00 range. 


(Dollar Tree)