Dierks Bentley is Launching a Music Festival in Colorado

DIERKS BENTLEY announced yesterday that he’s launching his own music festival.  It’s called the Seven Peaks Music Festival and it’s going down August 31st through September 2nd in Buena Vista, Colorado.



It’s named after the seven mountaintops surrounding the grounds where it’ll take place.  Performers include Miranda LambertBrothers OsborneLancoElle KingDel McCourySam Bush, and The Cadillac Three.  More acts are coming.



Dierks will be performing at least once each day . . . sometimes solo, sometimes with other acts.  He says, “Hope to have a lot of cross-pollination.” 



He’ll even be mingling.  “I’ll either being on stage or in the campground, high-fiving people, handing out free beers.  [When] people look back on this I want them to say, ‘He was everywhere.  No one was having more fun than Dierks.'”



And he’s taking security seriously.  “I [have] somebody who’s an ex-Marine and specializes in security.  Our goal is to make sure these people have the best night of their life, but at the minimum, we want them to have a safe experience.”  (Billboard)