Despite What Matthew McConaughey Said in “The Wedding Planner”, Brown M&Ms Are Not Healthier Than Other M&Ms

It’s been more than 15 years since men across the country were strong-armed into seeing the Razzie-nominated gem, “The Wedding Planner”, and the Internet would like to clear something up.  Brown M&Ms are NOT healthier than the other colors.  (???)


If you were unfortunate enough to have seen the movie, there’s a scene where Matthew McConaughey tells Jennifer Lopez that he only eats the brown ones, because they must have less artificial coloring, because chocolate is already brown.  But that’s a DOWNRIGHT LIE!


“Entertainment Weekly” spoke with nutritionists who pointed out that all M&Ms have a candy coating, which isn’t chocolate, and that the brown ones may even have MORE dye, because brown might require more mixing and darker colors.


One of the screenwriters says the line wasn’t based on fact, it was something they’d pulled from their own real life experience.  “It’s a comedy.  We’re not putting out a nutritional value documentary for kids. Don’t get nutritional information from a romantic comedy, call your doctor.”  (Here’s the scene from the movie.)