Delta Offered $10,000 for a Guy’s Family to Take a Later Flight, and He Said No?

How much money would an airline have to offer you to give up your seat and take a later flight?  It obviously depends on where you’re doing, and whether it would mess up your plans.  But would TEN GRAND do the trick?

A writer for named Jason Aten went on a trip to Alaska last week with seven family members – his wife, four kids, and two other adults.  And before they took off, Delta offered them $10,000 to get bumped to a later flight.  But Jason turned it DOWN.

That’s $1,250 a seat for eight seats, and not in travel vouchers.  They were offering $10,000 on a Visa Gift Card, or with an immediate transfer over Apple Pay.

Jason says it took a minute to register that it was a serious offer.  And then he was worried about how long they’d be delayed, if their plans in Alaska would be affected, and whether ten grand was worth it.  So he declined and watched a few other people take Delta up on the offer instead.  He says his wife is still angry about it.