Chris Janson Says He’s the Most Open Redneck You’ll Ever Meet

I love when people defy stereotypes, and this is a perfect example.  Chris Janson is a self-described redneck from Missouri, has played the Opry over 100 times, and loves hunting.   Sounds just like the kind of guy who’s into new age healing, right?


He tells “Rolling Stone”,  “I like gemstone therapy, anything to align the body.  I like pranic healing. I’ve been getting into shamanic healing, which is a Peruvian thing and really cool.  I’m the most open redneck you’ll ever meet.”


Chris is actually proud of being a bit quirky.  “I want to be as normal as I can be, but as eccentric and weird as I can be, too.”


He is very serious about one thing.  His career.   “I feel like I was born to do this.  I’m not that good at anything else.  I believe that you should try to be a master craftsman at whatever you are doing, but other than music I’m pretty subpar.”