Chris Janson Admired Troy Gentry’s Devotion to His Wife

There have been plenty of tributes to Troy Gentry since his tragic death last Friday, but this may be my favorite.  It’s from Chris Janson who talked about Troy’s devotion to his wife, Angie.


“That was one of the rare cases where Troy truly had eyes for one woman, [and] that was his wife.  I saw it.  It was very prevalent.  It was very obvious.  I thought that was so remarkable.  I had a lot of respect for him.  I still do.”


Chris also had the pleasure of hanging with Troy on those Grand Ole Opry hunting trips they do every year.


Turns out Troy was a very good hunting partner.  “He was totally cool.  Very easy to get along with.  Very honest, nice-natured guy.  Very humble.  Just a cool hang.”