Check Out a Video Update on Kevin Hart’s Recovery

Kevin Hart posted a video update on his recovery from that near-fatal accident on September 1st, including footage from his intensive therapy sessions.  And it looks like he’s come a long way in a pretty short time.


He says, “Basically, what you realize is that you’re not in control.  No matter how much you think you’re in control, you’re not in control.  At the end of the day, it can all be over, man.”


He talks about the accident being what he “needed most” because he was, “moving too fast and doing too much.”  And he says he appreciates life so much more now, including his family, friends, fans, and God, and he says he’s, “Looking forward to an amazing 2020.”


(Check it out here.  And check out this fantastic video he did with THE ROCK to hype the new “Jumanji” movie.  At least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor through all this.)