Celebrities With High IQs

STEPHEN HAWKING and ALBERT EINSTEIN were both said to have IQs around 160.  But did you know that some CELEBRITIES are up in that range, too?  Here are a few of them:



Matt DamonConan O’Brien, and Quentin Tarantino are all right up there with Hawking and Einstein, at 160.



Running just below them are Alicia Keys and Cindy Crawford, at 154.



Kate Beckinsale is close behind at 152, even though you wouldn’t know it by her choice of men. 



Jessica Alba has a 151 IQ.



David Duchovny’s IQ is 147.



Meryl Streep’s is 143.



ShakiraKeshaMadonnaClaire Danes, and Natalie Portman have IQs of 140.



Nicole Kidman has an IQ of 132. 



And James Franco is at 130, which is still considered exceptional.



(Radar Online)