Celebrities Who Were Banned by China

China isn’t exactly known for its tolerance.  As such, they have a habit of BANNING celebrities from their country.



Most of them get banned for having any kind of contact with the DALAI LAMA.  That includes Lady Gaga, who met with him in 2016 to discuss yoga . . . and Selena Gomez, who met him in 2014.



Bon Jovi got banned in 2010 just for using a PICTURE of the Dalai Lama during a concert in Taiwan.  And Maroon 5 had their 2015 concerts in China canceled after keyboard player Jesse Carmichael wished him a happy birthday.



Linkin Park was banned in 2011, after they took a photo with His Holiness.



Brad Pitt was targeted just for playing the Dalai Lama’s tutor in the 1997 movie “Seven Years in Tibet”.  That ban stood for more than 15 years.



Harrison Ford hasn’t been welcome there since 1995, when he testified before the Senate in favor of an independent Tibet.



Katy Perry got banned for reasons that had nothing to do with the Dalai Lama OR Tibet.  She wore a dress with sunflowers on it during a show in Taiwan.  Sunflowers were a symbol for Taiwanese anti-China protesters.



And Justin Bieber was banned from entering China last year . . . just because he’s an A-hole.  Seriously.  They didn’t want him in their country because he had, quote, “engaged in a series of bad behaviors.”



(Epoch Times)