Your Drunkest Family Member at Holiday Parties Will Be Your Uncle

Stereotypes don’t always reflect reality, but sometimes they’re spot on:  Almost two-thirds of Americans say at least one family member will get drunk at a family get together this year. And the most likely culprit is, yep, your DRUNK UNCLE.  A third of people say an uncle is the most likely to get hammered. Here

INSIGHT – A Public Affairs Segment

Insight is a weekly 30 minute public affairs program that showcases organizations and programs that make a difference in our community. Want to be featured on the show? Email with your organization or program’s information and tell us why you want to be featured! Past Featured Segments: Northern Nevada American Heart Association We’re working

Best Movies of 2018

“Rolling Stone” has released their list of the 20 Best Movies of 2018.      Here’s the Top 10 . . .     1.  “Roma” . . . Director Alfonso Cuaron’s Spanish-language account of growing up in a suburb of Mexico City in the 1970s.   2.  “A Star is Born”   3.  “Black Panther”   4.  “The Favourite”   5.  “BlacKkKlansman”   6.  “If

Sandra Bullock Had a Crush on Keanu Reeves While Filming “Speed”

Some people would say that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to fall in love while you’re driving a bus that you have to keep above 50 miles-per-hour, or a bomb will explode, and you and everyone around you will DIE.     But SANDRA BULLOCK is proof that it can happen.     Sandra admitted on “Ellen” yesterday that she fell for KEANU

When You’re Interviewing For a Job, Watch Out For Them Stealing Your Ideas

If you’re looking for a new job, part of the application process might involve you coming up with some creative ideas you’d do as part of the company.  So this is something to watch out for.     Apparently, more and more companies are now asking people to do free work like that during the

The Best Color to Wear on a First Date Is . . . Black

There’s an old theory that you should wear RED on a first date, because it’s exciting and provocative and tied to love and romance and sex and all of that.  But apparently, that’s not true.  BLACK is the new red.     A study out of England found that black has become a more popular