You Could Win $15,000 by Making a Gingerbread House Out of Pop-Tarts

Toaster pastries don’t have the same structural integrity as gingerbread, so this might be tougher than it sounds. Kellogg’s wants people to make gingerbread houses out of POP-TARTS this year.  And whoever makes the best one wins $15,000.  They announced it with a fake listing on Zillow. The example they built is hard to beat. 

Good News: Babies, Kittens, and the Ice Bucket Challenge

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds. 1.  A woman in Ohio gave birth while standing in the back of an ambulance last Tuesday.  She realized she wasn’t making it to the hospital, and her husband called 911.  Firefighters were getting her into the ambulance, but the kid wouldn’t even wait for her

Go Panic-Buy a Bunch of Stamps! They’re About to Cost Two Cents More

It’s time to go panic-buy a bunch of stamps again, because they’ll cost two cents more next week. Back in April, the post office said the price of “Forever” stamps would move from 58 cents to 60 cents.  It goes into effect on Sunday, so today and tomorrow are your last chance to stock up.

Here’s What Fitness Pros Do When They Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Earlier this week, we heard about a study that said working out just on the weekends could be as good as exercising daily.  And if you need some motivation beyond THAT, here are four tips from fitness pros on what they do when they don’t feel like working out at all: 1.  They commit to doing