Carrie Underwood Produced a “Fireworks Show” . . . When She Was Eight

CARRIE UNDERWOOD was asked about her favorite 4th of July memory, and her answer is not the least bit surprising.  Turns out she’s had it together since she was a little kid.



She was around eight years old and decided to put on a show for her parents.  So she went to the fireworks stand, picked out what she wanted, and then made a list of the order to set them off.  And she was so excited she couldn’t even wait until it got dark.



Quote, “I made my mom and dad get the lawn chairs and come out to the backyard and watch some not very dramatic fireworks at, like, six o’clock in the evening . . . but I was so proud of myself, and I was so proud of the show that I put on.



“So, I feel like that was a little training for what I do now . . . putting on shows, figuring out how it’s all going to work out.”