Carrie Underwood Experiences “Involuntary Body Spasms” When She Sings

Carrie Underwood owns the stage when she performs.  One reason is because every fiber of her being is into the performance.


She says, “I definitely use my whole body.  I have involuntary body spasms when I sing, which is funny because I don’t realize it when I’m actually singing.  When I look back at performances on TV, and I didn’t realize, it sort of catches you.”


It’s good that she doesn’t realize that, because it would be awkward.  “If I think about it, I notice my limbs.  Then it’s a whole mind game.  My best performances are when I’m lost in the songs.”


She says that total immersion prevents her from adding fancy dance moves into the show.  That would be too much of a distraction.   “I can’t really do [choreography].  Any time I’ve tried, it’s never felt right, and the vocals suffer.  There are certain places you have to be for certain things, sure, but that just happens.”