Brantley Gilbert Met His Goals 10 Years Ago, And Knows You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

You’d think by now everyone’s gotten used to all the different looks in country.  It shouldn’t matter what vibe you’re going with as long as you have the chops.  Brantley Gilbert’s got the whole wallet-chain-and-tattoo thing going on.  And he knows his ‘look’ is a problem for some people.


“You find out really early in this business that you can’t make everyone happy.  You have to understand right off the bat that folks will judge a book by its cover, and sometimes that’ll make them not read it, and that’s okay.  It just makes you more grateful for the fans that look past the tattoos and chains, and notice that there is more to me than that.”


It seems like the ink intimidates people, but he thinks of tattoos like songs, another way to express yourself.   And if you spent five minutes in a room with him, you’d get it.


He also says he’s already MET his goals in the music business.  It was to sell out the Georgia Theatre in Athens.  “It’s about 20 minutes from my house, it holds about 800 people, and I did that when I was 20 or 21.  Everything since then has all been kind of a blessing and a bonus.”