Big & Rich On the Last Time They Splurged on Something or Got Their Hands Dirty

Big & Rich did a video version of “One Last Thing’, that interview that “People” does.  They each took a couple questions, and here’s what we learned.


Last time you got your hands dirty:  Big Kenny says it was when he was weaning calves, on the family farm he grew up on in Culpeper, Virginia.


Last compliment you got.  Kenny says it was when they were walking down the street in New York on the WAY to the interview.  Apparently a delivery guy rolled down his window and shouted, “I love y’all’s music!”


Last time you splurged:  John Rich went with the 73-foot pool in the shape of a GUITAR that he had built in his backyard.  He also said it’s filled with beer, but he was kidding about that part.



Ok kids, who’s ready for a @bigandrichofficial pool party?? My personal @RedneckRiviera safe space????

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Last time you were starstruck:  John Rich said it was a month ago when he was in Nashville, and met Dolly Parton.   “If you don’t get starstuck by Dolly Parton, you’re not alive.”