Anna Faris Might be Dating a Cinematographer from Her Upcoming Movie

It’s been a little over two months since Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their separation, and it looks like Anna may have a new companion.


She was recently spotted having dinner at an Italian restaurant in L.A. with Michael Barrett.  He’s a cinematographer who worked on Anna’s upcoming movie, a remake of the ’80s comedy “Overboard”.


They were actually seen there TWICE in the span of just a couple days.  And witnesses to each encounter said they were definitely acting like they were on a date.


They were also spotted at a carnival in L.A. on September 10th, where they, “attempted to hide under baseball caps as they sipped on wine and beer.”


On a related note, Anna says things are good between her and Chris, “There is still so much laughter in our lives together, and he is so proud of me, still.  We watched each other grow, and he still cracks me up all the time.”


(E! Online)