An MMA Fan Replaces a Fighter, Wins the Match, Then Proposes to His Girlfriend

A 22-year-old MMA fan in Brazil named Luis Felipe Alvim wanted to go to a fight with his girlfriend the other night, but couldn’t afford tickets.


So he made BROWNIES, and tried to sell them outside the venue to raise enough money, but came up short.  He ended up using the cash he needed to pay his BILLS.  Which probably wasn’t the smartest call.  But check this out . . .


Before the main event, one of the fighters dropped out.  And Luis was right around the same weight.  So he offered to step in and REPLACE him.


Now, he’s not a total amateur.  He’s trained in Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu.  But he’d never fought in an MMA fight before, so he was really just supposed to be a punching bag.  And as soon as the fight started, that’s basically what happened.


His opponent got him on his back, started raining down punches, and it looked like the ref might stop it.  But then the guy got cocky, Luis got him into a triangle choke hold, with his legs wrapped around his neck, and he ended up WINNING.


He knocked the guy out in the first round.  It’s not clear how much money he made.  But he shouldn’t have a problem paying his bills now.


Then after the fight ended, he got down on one knee in the middle of the ring, PROPOSED to his girlfriend, and she said yes.


(Here’s a video of the fight.)