Almost No One Knows How to Write the Fancy Version of the Lowercase G

There are two versions of the lowercase g.  There’s the simple one that you learned how to write when you were a little kid . . . and then there’s the fancier one that you see in print.



97% of adult books use a font that has the fancier lowercase g.  It’s the one with a circle, then a little connector, then an oval.  It’s called the “loop tail” g.



And . . . almost NO ONE knows how to write one from memory.



Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore just ran a study where only one out of 38 people even REMEMBERED there were two forms of the lowercase g . . . and only one person drew it right.



Then they ran another survey where they showed 25 people four different possible versions of the loop tail g . . . and only 28% picked the correct one.  More than half of people picked one where the entire lower half was backwards.