A Woman with a Machete and a Gun Went to the Kardashians’ Store And Yelled About Them Going to Cuba

A lot of people were upset that the Kardashians went to Cuba, but nobody was more upset than the lady who showed up at one of their DASH stores with a GUN.  She walked into the place yesterday morning and pointed the gun at the cashier.  She didn’t steal anything, but she messed the place up a little, then left.


The media showed up to cover the story, and the woman came BACK.  This time she had a MACHETE, and she was waving it around and threatening reporters with it.


She was also yelling stuff like, “The Kardashians will be executed if they step on Communist territory! They’ll be [effing] killed!”


Eventually, she put the machete between the glass doors of the store and left.  Police were still looking for her as of last night.


(Check out video here.  Careful!  You will hear bleeped profanity and see crazy woman buttcrack.)