A Woman Was Upset with Her Son’s Haircut, So She Ran Over the Barber

This really doesn’t seem like a proportionate response.  There’s a 28-year-old woman named Ruby Delgadillo from Brentwood, California.  And earlier this week, she took her son to a barber shop.


Well, apparently she was NOT happy with the haircut the 63-year-old barber gave him.  She argued with the barber, and he went outside to write down the license plate number of her Prius.


So she RAN HIM OVER, and rammed him through the glass window of the store next to the barber shop.


He needed surgery for a badly broken leg and she fled the scene.  The cops are trying to track her down, she’s going to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 


(Here’s a previous mugshot of Ruby.)


(CBS 5 – San Francisco)