A Waitress Ended Up with a $1,100 Tip When 11 People Left $100 Each

We see stories all the time where someone gives a waitress a super-huge tip.  Which most of us can’t afford to do.  But what about a CHIP-IN scenario?


A big party of 11 people walked into a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Dublin, Georgia on Wednesday.  (About 140 miles southeast of Atlanta.)  And they told the manager they wanted their BEST server.


The manager grabbed a waitress named Janet Ballard, who’s worked there for about 12 years.  And she waited on them.  And apparently she did a good job.  Because at the end of their meal, every person at the table chipped in a hundred bucks, and left her a $1,100 tip.


Janet says it’s the biggest tip she’s ever gotten.  And there’s a great photo of her hugging one of the guests before they left.


(Here’s the photo, and a shot of the whole group.)