A Thief Tried to Flee the Cops in a Getaway Car That Was Up on Jacks

I know criminals aren’t the smartest bunch.  But how stupid is this?  A 23-year-old guy near Seattle drove his Dodge Challenger to a car dealership early Tuesday morning, and tried to steal BETTER tires off one of the cars in the lot.

He found another Dodge Challenger they were selling, put it up on blocks, and removed all four wheels.  Then he drove across the street, put his own car on jacks, and tried to swap the tires out.  But while he was doing it, someone called the cops.

He had the new tires on by the time cops got there.  So when he saw them pull up, he dove into his car to try to make a quick getaway.  But he didn’t go anywhere, because the back of his car was still up on JACKS.  A minor detail he apparently overlooked.

They arrested him without incident, and found a loaded gun in his car.  It turned out he had seven warrants out for his arrest, all felonies.  Last we heard, the new charges were still pending. 

(Here’s a photo of his car on jacks, and a shot of the car he stole the tires off of.)