A Thief Hides in a Suitcase and Raids Other People’s Luggage During a Bus Trip

You’d need a pretty specific combination of body types to pull this off.  One person who’s really strong, and one who’s pretty flexible.  Police in northern France were baffled by a string of robberies that had been happening on an airport shuttle bus.  The trip took a little over an hour.  And people kept saying stuff had been stolen out of their luggage.


That didn’t make sense, because their bags were in the cargo hold UNDER the bus the whole time, and no one had access to them.  So it seemed like it must have happened before they were loaded in.


But then one of the bus drivers figured out what was happening, when he noticed a large suitcase start MOVING on its own.  When the bus got to the airport, one of the passengers picked the bag up and tried to leave with it.  But the driver had called the cops, and they were there waiting.


It turned out the guy was working with an accomplice, who was hiding INSIDE the suitcase.  Once the bus would start moving, he’d unzip himself, go through the other bags, and steal anything valuable, including laptops.


Both guys are about 40 years old.  The one who hid in the suitcase was sentenced to eight months in jail on Monday.  The other guy had a slightly longer rap sheet, so he got a year in jail.