A Theater Will Stop Its Annual Screening of “Gone with the Wind” Due to Insensitive Racial Content

If you think the taking down of Confederate statues is a slippery slope to some kind of disaster, you might very well consider this the next step.


Every year, the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee screens the classic 1939 flick “Gone with the Wind”.  As you probably know, the movie takes place during the Civil War, and includes some troubling portrayals of the South, and of slavery.


This year’s screening went down on August 11th, the same day as that white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.  And now, the Orpheum has decided that it won’t be showing “Gone with the Wind” anymore, because of its “insensitive” content.


Now, this isn’t ALL because of Charlottesville.  The Orpheum deals with negative feedback about the movie every year.  But it was worse this year.  A spokesman says,  “This is something that’s been questioned every year.  But the social media storm this year really brought it home.”