A Stray Dog Crashed a Wedding, So the Couple Adopted It

This could have been a huge bridezilla moment, and no one would have blamed her.  A couple named Marilia Pieroni and Matheus Martins got married in Brazil a few weeks ago.  It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, but it rained.  So they moved it inside.


And a stray dog that was covered in MUD kept crashing the ceremony to get out of the storm.  It walked in during the bridal chorus, right when she was about to walk down the aisle.  Then it came BACK, and some guests shooed it outside again.


Then during the vows, it walked in AGAIN, went straight up to the altar with its muddy paws, and laid down on the end of her VEIL.  It was a long veil, so part of it was on the ground.  And THAT’S where the dog decided to take a nap.


But instead of freaking out, Marilia thought it was GREAT, and told everyone to let him stay.  So he stayed through the ceremony, then ran out once the rain stopped.


They could tell he was a great dog though.  So Marilia and Matheus spent a week tracking him down, and ended up ADOPTING him.  They cleaned him up, named him Snoop, and he’s part of the family now.


(Here are some photos.)


(The Dodo)