A Quarter of Parents Have a Favorite Child . . . and It’s Probably Your Youngest Sibling

If you always kinda suspected your parents loved your younger brother or sister more than you . . . yeah, there’s a decent chance you nailed it.



According to a new survey, a quarter of parents admit they have a favorite child.  And here’s who it is . . .



1.  Their youngest child, 56%.


2.  Their oldest child, 26%.


3.  The middle child, or one of the middle children, 18%.



So what makes them pick a favorite?  The majority of them say it’s because that kid makes them LAUGH the most . . . and 41% say it’s because their favorite kid reminds them the most of themselves.



The survey also found 42% of grandparents have a favorite grandchild . . . but they tend to prefer the OLDEST kid the most. 



(Daily Mail)