A New Jersey High School Turned “Alien” Into a Play, and It Looks Amazing

The kids at North Bergen High School in New Jersey went a little outside the box when they chose the subject of this year’s school play.  They decided to adapt the 1979 sci-fi / horror classic “Alien”.  (!!!)


And they did an AMAZING job.  Using recycled materials, they recreated the sets, the space suits, and even the alien itself.  (They even made a trailer.)



Several pictures and videos have made their way online, including a clip of the infamous “face hugger” scene.  Sadly, there’s no video of the baby alien busting out of the guy’s chest later on.


(Check out pics and video here.  WARNING:  In the second video, the girl says, “Get away from her, you [B-word]”, which is actually a line from the SEQUEL, “Aliens”.)


(It’s a little odd to hear in a high school play, but this is Jersey, yo.)