A New App Lets You Play Matchmaker For Your Single Friends, Whether They Want You to Or Not

If you keep trying to hook up your single friends with each other but they always ignore your suggestions, you’re going to love this.  There’s a new APP to help you find them love, whether they want you to or not.


It’s called Matchmaker, and it’s by the same people who make the dating app Hinge.  And that’s the key, because it lets you see ALL of your Facebook friends who are on Hinge and then, you can pair any two of them up.   Sure, there’s a way for them to opt-out of that feature, but they probably won’t think to do that until AFTER you’ve set them up.


When you pair two people up, you write them a quick message of WHY you think they’d be compatible, and then Hinge matches them up and they can take it from there.


If you want in on the action, search for “Hinge Matchmaker” in the Apple app store.