A Middle-Aged Man Pledged a Fraternity . . . Then Went to the Cops

 I know movie remakes are huge right now, but if this is a remake of “Old School”, it sounds like the worst one yet.



There’s a 45-year-old guy named Tory Gates from Brooklyn.  And he recently decided to PLEDGE the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.



Unfortunately, we don’t know what college they’re from . . . or why they agreed to let in a middle-aged man.



But what we DO know is that pledging didn’t go how Tory was expecting . . . and earlier this month, he says the fraternity blindfolded him and PADDLED him 200 times in a hazing ritual.



He had so many bruises that he went to the hospital . . . and called the cops on the fraternity.



The police say they’re investigating. 



(New York Post)