A Man Is Offering a One-Bedroom Home for Anyone Who Finds His Lost Dog

Well this is definitely one way to mobilize a LOT of people to find your missing dog.



A guy named Eddie Collins from Tucson, Arizona lost his pet Chihuahua back in April.  He says he’s spent every day searching for her since, but he can’t find her.



So now, he’s offering a reward to anyone who does:  An ENTIRE HOUSE.



Eddie says that if anyone finds his dog, he’ll give them a one-bedroom home he owns in Benson, Arizona.



Based on the real estate listings in Benson, the one-bedroom is probably worth around $20,000.



Quote, “I’m offering a piece of property with a one-bedroom home.  I’m willing to give the land, the trailer, the workshop, all of it free and clear, no questions asked.  I just want to have Jenny back.” 



(NBC 4 – Tucson)