A List of the Most Misheard Country Lyrics

CMT has a list of the “Most Misheard Country Lyrics.”  Here are a few of our favorites, with the misheard and real lyrics.

“Knockin’ Boots”Luke Bryan

Misheard:  “Yeah, birds need bees / And I sneeze whiskey.”

Real:  “Yeah, birds need bees / And ice needs whiskey.”


“I Am That Man”Brooks & Dunn

Misheard:  “I am Batman.”

Real:  “I am that man.”


“Folsom Prison Blues”Johnny Cash

Misheard:  “I’m stuck in wholesome prison.”

Real:  “I’m stuck in Folsom Prison.”


“Friends in Low Places”Garth Brooks

Misheard:  “I’m not big on sausage gravy.”

Real:  “I’m not big on social graces.”


“You’ll Think of Me”Keith Urban

Misheard:  “Take your cat and leave my shredder.”

Real:  “Take your cap and leave my sweater.”


“Take a Little Ride”Jason Aldean

Misheard:  “Slide your pretty little cellphone over.”

Real:  “Slide your pretty little self on over.”


“T-Shirt”Thomas Rhett

Misheard:  “We had pantyhose and a view of the parking lot.”

Real:  “We had a patio with a view of a parking lot.”


“Should’ve Been a Cowboy”Toby Keith

Misheard:  “Wearin’ my sex shoes.”

Real:  “Wearing my six-shooter.”


(You’ll find the full writeup at CMT.com.)  (What’s your favorite “misheard country lyric” that’s not on this list?)