A Hunter Mistakes a Guy for Bigfoot and Fires Multiple Shots at Him

Well this can’t be good for the old self esteem.



A 27-year-old guy from Helena, Montana called the cops on Monday to report that he’d been SHOT at.



The guy was setting up some targets to shoot in the foothills, when suddenly, a bullet whizzed past him . . . then another, and then more as he hid for cover.



And he says he confronted the shooter, who told him he shot because the guy wasn’t wearing orange and he, quote, “thought he was Bigfoot.”



That’s bad for both guys.  For the guy who got shot at, it CAN’T be good to know you resemble Bigfoot enough to DRAW FIRE.  And for the guy who did the shooting . . . really, you thought you saw Bigfoot and your first instinct was, “Shoot, I gotta kill him”?



Anyway, the Bigfoot guy said he didn’t want to press charges, so the cops aren’t trying to track down the shooter. 



(Helena Independent Record)