A Guy Spread Some Love on 9/11 by Handing Out $2 Bills to Strangers

A guy in Burlington, Vermont who looks like he’s in his 50s or 60s was standing out on a street corner Monday morning with a cardboard sign.  So people thought he was panhandling, until they READ the sign.


It said, “I have a good job, a great family, and good health.  YOU have a great day.”  Then instead of asking for money, he GAVE money to anyone who stopped.


He decided to do it after he saw a story recently about someone else handing out $2 bills, just to be nice.  (He might be talking about the story last month, where a guy gave out $2 bills to everyone on a flight to North Carolina.)


He chose this past Monday because it was 9/11.  And he knew people were also stressed out about relatives who’ve been affected by the recent hurricanes.  So he just wanted to do something to spread some love.


It’s not clear how much money he gave out.  But someone told a local news station about it.  Then they decided to interview him.  And he was still handing them out when they showed up.  So apparently he was there for a while.


He didn’t want any recognition for it, so he didn’t give them his name.  But he hopes that when all those people spend the $2 bills, they’ll think of him.  And maybe it’ll inspire THEM to do something nice.