A Guy Set a Bible on Fire at Walmart to Create a Diversion for Shoplifting

Of ALL the ways you could try to create a diversion so you could commit a crime, why pick the ONE that’s going to come back to haunt you on Judgment Day?



There’s a 27-year-old guy named Andrew Ells from Bismarck, North Dakota.  And last Friday, he went to a Walmart and decided to steal the stuff in his cart.



So he created a diversion . . . by lighting a BIBLE on fire.



It’s not clear if he actually got out of the store with anything, but we do know that his plan didn’t REALLY work . . . because the cops used security tapes to track him down earlier this week.



His fire wound up doing $300,000 in smoke damage and he was arrested for felony arson. 



(The Smoking Gun