A Guy Hid His Phone in a Potato Chip Bag to Keep His Boss From Tracking Him, While He Played Golf on the Clock

There’s a device that blocks electromagnetic fields called a Faraday cage.  It sounds sophisticated and fancy.  But apparently, you’re holding one in your hand every time you eat a bag of Cheetos.  Who knew? There’s a 60-year-old guy named Tom Colella from Perth, Australia.  He had a job as an electrician a few years ago, but apparently he loved skipping work and playing golf.


Unfortunately, he knew his company could track his location using his cell phone.  So he improvised a Faraday cage to stop them, by putting his phone in an empty bag of potato chips.  And it turns out that the foil lining in the bag DOES block the GPS signal.


But don’t let the intelligence of that move fool you, Tom was still an idiot.  Because even though the company couldn’t track his phone in the bag, they COULD just go to the golf course and see the records for all of Tom’s 140 golf outings.


So he was fired.  And a work commission panel just ruled that the firing WAS justified, so now Tom is working as an Uber driver.