A Guy Beats His Car with a Bat to Punish It for Breaking Down, and Gets Busted for Drunk Driving

Anyone who’s ever owned a clunker can relate to this.  The guy’s still a psycho though . . .



33-year-old Chad Johnson of northern Michigan has an old car that constantly breaks down on him.  And late last month, he was sick of it and flew into full RAGE MODE.



It’s not clear what kind of car it is.  But he was in a parking lot when it had some sort of issue.  That’s when he pulled out a BASEBALL BAT and started BEATING the car with it.



Someone called the cops, who showed up as Chad was driving away.  So apparently the car wasn’t even THAT bad to begin with.



After they pulled him over, they realized he was DRUNK.  He also had an open container in his car . . . had two previous DUIs on his record . . . and was driving on a suspended license.



When they asked him why he bashed up his car, he admitted he was just angry at it and flew off the handle.



But, because of his other drunk driving arrests, they’re charging him as a habitual offender this time.  He could be facing up to five years in prison.