A Guy Asked the Cops to Test His Meth and Make Sure It Was Real, And It Was

Some people don’t trust the cops.  This guy trusted them a little TOO much.  A 49-year-old near Gainesville, Florida named Douglas Kelly bought some METH last week, and was worried his dealer might have sold him the synthetic drug flakka instead.


So this past Tuesday, he called his local police department, and asked them if they’d test it for him.  Obviously they said SURE, and told him to bring it right in.


So he drove down to the precinct, showed up with a “clear, crystal-like substance” folded up in some aluminum foil, and promptly got arrested for felony possession of narcotics.


The cops did test it, and it WAS meth.  So he could have avoided the whole thing if he wasn’t such a paranoid idiot. 


(Here’s his mugshot.)


(The Smoking Gun / Action Jax News)