A Guy Accidentally Destroyed a Rare Ferrari an Hour Into Owning It

I’ve never been in the position to drop a small fortune on a rare Ferrari, but if I did, I KNOW I’d want to take it out onto the open roads to see what it can really do.

A guy in South Yorkshire, England bought a limited-edition Ferrari 430 on Thursday.  He paid $288,000 for it . . . and only 500 of them were ever made.

And then, obviously, he took it out on the freeway to see whether it could really go zero-to-60 in 3.6 seconds and top out at 198 miles-per-hour.

But apparently he wasn’t ready to handle that much power . . . because at some point he must’ve hit something, which made the car catch on FIRE and FLY through the air.

He was actually okay and just wound up with some cuts and bruises, but his new Ferrari was completely destroyed . . . just ONE HOUR after he bought it.